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The Delphi-US Recommended Candidate

What makes a Delphi-US Recommended Candidate superior to your alternative options?

1. Employer Profiling

Our mission is to separate your opportunities from the competition's by elevating your organization to the distinct position of Employer of Choice. We act as ambassadors to your employment branding. We do this through collaboration and building an in-depth understanding of your business. As Peacemakers in The Talent War, our team broadcasts your hiring requirements with a clear, competitive advantage.

  • What are your current and projected challenges?
  • Where have you identified areas of potential growth?
  • What is the current state and [future ideal] around your employment branding?
  • What about your company and your opportunities excites you and what would you like your new employees to be excited about?

  • Our long term goal is to fortify your team with talent. This involves building an understanding of your recurring needs, where you have historically faced talent challenges, and what resources we need to be aware of even when not engaged in an active recruit.

    2. Candidate Sourcing / Opening the Talent Pipeline

    Working off of a mutually agreed upon list of Requirements, our Professional Recruiters enter Phase 1 of our Talent Funnel (graphic).

  • Phone calls & email communications
  • Attending both local and national networking events
  • Utilization of social media
  • Active participation in technology user groups
  • Maintenance and steady presence on active job boards

  • Delphi-US maintains an extensive Proprietary Database of current, former and future contractors. While we are always interested in the active job seekers, one of our competitive advantages stems from our relationships with the passive candidate waiting for the right opportunity. This could be based upon: Location, technology, industry vertical, name brand, salary or any combination of these factors.

    3. Candidate Screening

    Phase 2 of our Talent Funnel (graphic) involves building a candidate profile and their successful completion of our ever-evolving litmus test. The Delphi Professional Recruiter is armed with time-tested best practices and tactics to thoroughly screen applicants technically, behaviorally and culturally.

  • Phone Interviews
  • Professional References
  • In-person or Web cam interviews
  • Recommendations and Professional References

  • Our accurate and in-depth Profile of your business allows for us to utilize an "Always On" talent pipeline. This enables us to provide you with Predictability: Talent Availability, Deployment Ready and Predictable Price Points. Each of these stages is necessary in order to maximize capabilities and assure delivery.

    4. Recommended Candidate Presentation

    Once our screening process is completed, the candidates that we present are certified with the Delphi-US Recommendation. We will then work with the appropriate members of your organization to both interview and select a final candidate.

    5. Hiring and Acceptance

    The Delphi-Recommended Candidate is often in demand in today's aggressive war for talent. Our branded process is designed to emphasize the value of our client's opportunity and the thoroughness and consistency of our recruitment processes. Delphi's system and the relationships created throughout lead to the majority of outside offers losing favor in the eyes of our candidates. Through time-tested best practices in offer/acceptance iterations, the Delphi-US Recommended Candidate accepts your offer, and will excel within your organization and provide insight and expertise that should pay dividends for years to come.

    6. Candidate Performance Monitoring

    Following a compliant on-boarding process our contractors are now employed within your organization. Our Professional Recruiters will continue to maintain contact to make sure that they are happy and productive while our Account Executives will maintain similar lines of communication with your managers and supervisors to maximize their performance while working for you.

    Delphi-US - Peacemakers in the Talent War
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