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I’ve enjoyed every day of my recruiting career since I entered the field in 2012. Helping connect great candidates and great companies is very rewarding and I’m delighted to share my knowledge and skills with you to help you in your job search. As the Desktop Support Team Lead I can offer specialized expertise, a network of clients and a range of job opportunities that fit your personality, skill set and role.

You’ll find working with me is different. I want to hear about your professional decision-making skills. I want to hear about your personal story. And I want to hear about your career goals. The reality is that you are more than a resume. When I present your name to clients they are going to know who you are and why you’re a good fit for their organization. That’s going to help you stand out and get the right job.

Here’s what you can expect working with me:

  • Introductory call
  • Resume touch-ups
  • Interview preparation (based on extensive client knowledge)
  • Compensation negotiation advice 
  • Placement and onboarding support
  • Follow-ups once you start your new job

Delphi is unlike any recruiting firm you may have worked with in the past. It’s what we call the Delphi Difference. You’ll experience this from our first call and it will continue until after onboarding at your new organization. I’d like to tell you more about it, so let’s connect and get you started on your future!

Team Lead

Daniel Asher
P: 401.297.0883

Multi-Vertical Specialists

We recruit a variety of Information Technology professionals with experience in:

Data Science/Big Data


Business Analysis/Project Management


Network Infrastructure/Security

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