Our Team

The Delphi team is comprised of talented individuals passionate about helping others.

Our staff excels in effective communication, service, and responsiveness. They also have technical expertise in specialized areas allowing for more productive conversations, and a demonstrated ability to get the job done.

Working with Delphi means you will have professional and friendly conversations…and the results to show for it.

Founding Partners

Sean Condon

P: 401.608.2525  – ext. 1004
E: scondon@delphi-us.com

Greg Demos

P: 401.619.1777  – ext. 1005
E: gdemos@delphi-us.com

Rich Braun

P: 401.608.6576  – ext. 1001
E: rbraun@delphi-us.com

Leadership Team (Recruiters)

Jon Samolis

P: 401.239.1558  – ext. 1012
E: jsamolis@delphi-us.com

Miro Reverby

P: 401.239.1819  – ext. 1010
E: mreverby@delphi-us.com

Jeff Conley

P: 401.608.2539  – ext. 1007
E: jconley@delphi-us.com

Lauren Panaggio

P: 401.367.4390
E: lpanaggio@delphi-us.com

Daniel Asher

P: 401.297.0883
E: dasher@delphi-us.com

Meredith Furtado

P: 401.367.4760  – ext. 1025
E: mfurtado@delphi-us.com

Samantha Sperry

P: 401.236.5956
E: ssperry@delphi-us.com

Megan Klein

P: 401.236.5952
E: mklein@delphi-us.com

Brynn McKenna

P: 401.236.5951
E: bmckenna@delphi-us.com

Ana Bartlett

P: 401.236.4126
E: abartlett@delphi-us.com

Kimber Stark

P: 401.229.4449
E: kstark@delphi-us.com

Jesse Galanti

P: 401.297.0806
E: jgalanti@delphi-us.com

Leadership Team – Sales

Amanda Preston

P: 401.217.0725  – ext. 1014
E: apreston@delphi-us.com

Brian Brugman

P: 401.239.3925  – ext. 1022
E: bbrugman@delphi-us.com

Georgia Fotopoulos

P: 484.284.3702
E: gfotopoulos@delphi-us.com

Mark Keefe

P: 401.297.0806

Leadership Team – Permanent Placements

Alex David

P: 401.230.3552  – ext. 1013
E: adavid@delphi-us.com

Matt O’Hagan

P: 401.314.9755  – ext. 1015
E: mohagan@delphi-us.com

Andrew Cloonan

P: 401.367.4751  – ext. 1026
E: acloonan@delphi-us.com

Jamie Beene

P: 401.424.4817
E: jbeene@delphi-us.com

Office Manager

Colleen Suxho

P: 401.297.0958
E: csuxho@delphi-us.com

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