Technical Management

Highly-skilled, professional technical managers are in demand as organizations seek to maximize talent, efficiency and project success. Our clients are searching for talented individuals who possess the educational and technical qualifications to be in management, along with soft skills including communication, leadership, training and experience making difficult business decisions.

As a Principal and founding partner at Delphi-US I’ve helped create a recruiting firm different from what you may have experienced in the past. You’ll find working with Delphi-US is easy. We are invested in your success, utilizing our industry experience, large client network and understanding of your unique qualifications to place you in a role that is both challenging and rewarding.


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Team Lead

Rich Braun
P: 401.608.6576  – ext. 1001

Multi-Vertical Specialists

We recruit a variety of Information Technology professionals with experience in:

Data Science/Big Data


Business Analysis/Project Management


Network Infrastructure/Security

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