5 Tips to Secure Your Next Contract Assignment

5 Tips to Secure Your Next IT Contract Assignment

Your IT contract job will eventually end. But you can eliminate the uncertainty of what’s next. Communicate with your Delphi-US recruiter and enjoy a smoother transition into your next role.

Assess your current status

In most cases you have insight into the completion timeline. Is your project or phase ahead, on time, or behind schedule? This is a great indicator to determine if you need to start looking for your next role. If you’re far enough along, update your resume with your most recent role and accomplishments. An updated resume is an important first step in applying for new positions.

Meet with your recruiter

Your IT recruiter is a valuable resource in the hiring and onboarding process. But, they can provide additional value as well. Frequent contact in the form of a quick phone call – or email as you build a relationship – will enable your IT recruiter to keep an eye out for future opportunities. Talk to your IT recruiter about your current position, whether you would accept an extension if offered, and why you enjoy – or dislike – your current opportunity. Touch base on a monthly basis and at least four weeks in advance of your anticipated contract conclusion to give yourself the best chance to secure a new role with minimal downtime.

Build a relationship with your recruiter

Your Delphi-US IT recruiter gets paid only when you are working, so they have a vested interest in your success. It’s important to maintain an open dialogue about your current role and what you’re looking for in your next position. Be honest. The more information you relay to your recruiter the better they will be able to help you find a role that’s right for you.

Share Interesting Job Postings

Your Delphi-US IT recruiter has an extensive client database. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities in your area. Help your recruiter by sending job postings that interest you. There’s a chance your recruiter will have an established client relationship, but can’t possibly know every job opportunity in your area. Identifying roles of interest will help your recruiter understand your goals and can provide an inside track to an interview and potential job offer. 

Assess your employment preference

There may come a time when you favor permanent employment over contract assignments. If you are considering permanent options then it’s important to discuss this with your recruiter. Delphi-US has an established permanent placement division featuring a long list of clients independent from the contract division, as well as shared clients. Potentially, you could secure a permanent position at a company where you enjoyed working as a contractor!


Top-level technologists are in high demand by organizations invested in initiatives like digital transformation, developing competitive products and services, and re-shaping the future of their industry. Partnering with Delphi-US, your trusted recruiting expert, is an important step in securing your next contract, or permanent assignment.