Secure and Retain Top Contingent IT Talent

Secure and Retain Top Contingent IT Talent

The US workforce is comprised of roughly 51.5 million contingent workers, accounting for 35% of the total workforce. This data underscores the significant advantages a flexible, contract-based workforce offers. From on-demand hiring to rapid scalability, contingent workers are indispensable for companies to swiftly adapt to market changes and bridge the persistent skills gap.

For many organizations, the challenge lies in attracting and retaining this highly sought-after talent in a competitive market. Here are some strategies your organization can employ to attract, manage, and retain the contingent workers you need:

Find an Agency Partner
A beneficial first step for organizations investing in contingent labor is to collaborate with a staffing agency specializing in contingent labor placements, ideally in your specific area of need. An effective staffing partner can serve as an extension of your organization, offering a streamlined process and the ability to clearly communicate your organization’s values and workplace culture. This leads to better hires who align with the technical and cultural requirements of the role and organization.

Integrate Contingent Labor Workers into the Team
Contingent workers often bring specialized expertise that plays a pivotal role in executing high-profile projects. Integrating them into the organization, even on a short-term project, fosters a stronger team through shared technical acumen and improved morale. This results in the worker being more open to future opportunities within the organization.

Foster a Modern Work Culture
In the gig economy, talented contingent labor workers have numerous employment options. Understanding what these professionals value, such as flexible hours and remote work opportunities, can significantly influence their choice of your organization. Moreover, these workers are more likely to stay with the organization for a longer duration, should the opportunity exist.

Provide Future Value
While contingent workers seek short-term projects for flexibility and freedom, they also appreciate long-term opportunities. Offer a pathway for these workers to stay with the organization on other exciting, high-profile projects that enhance their skills, or potentially provide them the opportunity to convert to a permanent role.

Despite economic slowdowns, recent studies suggest that the talent shortage continues. Adopting a Total Talent Acquisition strategy, integrating contingent workers as part of the workforce, is a smart approach for long-term project and organizational success.

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