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When you choose to work for Delphi-US, you’re choosing to join an organization that is committed to your success. We believe a successful organization requires a culture where employees want to feel good about the work they are doing and the organization they represent. As part of our team you will experience the following:

A Culture of Support

We are a people-first firm founded and managed by staffing industry experts. That means management understands the industry, including challenges and opportunities – and how to further your success by recognizing your unique talents. You’ll find Delphi-US routinely invests in infrastructure, marketing and sales support, ensuring team members can excel in their role. 

Delphi-US has also built a collaborative culture, emphasizing team success over individual competition. Your co-workers are motivators, pace-setters, and are genuinely excited when you succeed.

A Foundation for Success

The rapid advancements in technology and client demand for technologists has Delphi-US positioned for record-setting year-over-year growth, for many years to come. We have formed partnerships with clients across the country, from Main Street to Wall Street, and curated a massive talent pool to fill job openings with the most qualified individuals. Whether your role is in recruiting, sales, marketing or operations, Delphi-US can provide a stable, opportunistic environment for candidates ready to work hard.

A Quality Benefits Package

Your mental, physical and financial wellness is important to us. To assist you in achieving optimal wellness we have created a robust health and compensation package. You’ll enjoy the stability of a full-time job, competitive pay and high commission opportunities based on your role, and health benefits that include generous personal time. Delphi-US also has opportunities for remote workers. 


Once you join the Delphi-US team you’re instantly part of the family. While we’d love to have you on board for years or even decades, sometimes a new career opportunity is necessary to reach your personal career goals. What better way to develop your network than with a recruiting firm? You’ll meet hundreds of new people, including organizations and peers, and learn a lot about the staffing industry along the way. 

If you’re ready to talk about your future then let’s connect!

Team Lead

Rich Braun
P: 401.608.6576  – ext. 1001

Multi-Vertical Specialists

We recruit a variety of Information Technology professionals with experience in:

Data Science/Big Data


Business Analysis/Project Management


Network Infrastructure/Security

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