Are you Filling a Role or Finding Top Tier Talent?

Are you Filling a Role or Finding Top Tier Talent?

Here’s the scenario:

One of your employees has taken a new position in a different area of the organization. The employee excelled in their role for the past five years and replacing the employee will be a difficult task.

What steps will you take to fill the position?

If you opted to submit the job description to the job boards…you may have just missed out on a terrific candidate.

Over time, the needs of the organization and the skill sets within a team can change. Losing a productive employee is never easy, but it does provide an opportunity for hiring managers to revisit how the team can best serve the organization in the future.

Some questions hiring managers can ask include:

  • What skills are most important to the team/organization moving forward?
  • What can I learn from the past employee (good and bad)?
  • Have other team members improved their skills and are they capable of assuming tasks from the vacant position?
  • If I were starting this team from scratch, would I use the same staffing model or would I do it differently?

If you decide that the job description and role should be changed, then congratulations! You are now better prepared to hire top tier talent and not the best talent to fill a position. Your team and your organization will be better for it!

Delphi can help you navigate this process and deliver the top tier talent you are seeking. It’s part of our Delphi Difference. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out!


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