Investing In You: November

Investing In You: November

Securing a job in November is not ideal. Budget restrictions, hiring freezes, unused staff vacation time and, well, highly infectious diseases, add new challenges to an already difficult task. While you should continue to search for the right opportunity – after all, there are still jobs posted – you can also use this time to invest in yourself.

Below you will find two recommendations for the next 30 days to improve your chances of receiving an offer as we turn the page into a new year:

Create a Plan

This is a great place to start. Searching for a job can be very time consuming. Mix in your other responsibilities, perhaps even producing at your current job, and you may find yourself going through the job submission process with no real direction. Delphi-US experts recommend you use this time to identify what you are truly seeking in a new job.

Are you just entering the workforce and trying to gain work experience? Are you looking for a role that has management responsibilities? Will your role require particular software skills? Are you interested in working in a matrixed environment? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself to improve your job search process, and results.

Define what you are really looking for in a new position. Identify what areas you will need to invest in. Then create a roadmap to help you reach your destination.

Develop Your Skills

Professional growth opportunities have never been more accessible. While holiday shopping will likely take up a portion of your day, it’s a wise decision to research online courses for yourself, many of which are free.

  • LinkedIn Learning has many free video courses covering a range of topics. A quick search turned up introductions to data science, application development, data science and many more. As an added bonus, completed coursework will show on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Aside from LinkedIn, you can search for free webinars hosted by vendors. These can improve your knowledge of software and awareness of industry trends. This information can be very helpful during an interview to demonstrate your knowledge in a specific area.
  • For a more comprehensive approach, you can research online college courses. While these cost money, they also provide in depth learning opportunities that can help build a foundation of knowledge in specific areas of interest.


The job search process can be overwhelming. Limited opportunities in November present an ideal opportunity to revisit your goals and build your skills for future opportunities. Set a goal to define what areas you will need to invest in, and use available resources to develop your skills.

Looking for help? Your Delphi-US representative is available! The Delphi team is well-versed in the information technology marketplace. They can help you create a roadmap and get you in front of hiring managers who value your skills.

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