Is it Time to Update your Job Description?

Is it Time to Update your Job Description?

Does your organization hastily write up job descriptions or dust off versions that are several years old? The unfortunate truth is that posting vague, outdated or poorly written job descriptions is at best inefficient and at worst costing your organization a chance to land top talent.

If this sounds like your organization then it’s time to refresh your process.

First, let’s think about the function of the job description:

  • It’s a front-line screening process to filter out all but the most qualified candidates. A well-written job description saves your team time when reviewing applications and improves your chances of finding the most qualified candidates in a potentially large digital “pile” of resumes
  • It’s a reflection on your company’s culture. Vague, uninteresting job descriptions may turn off high quality candidates leaving you a large pool of “the rest”. Outdated job descriptions poorly represent your organization’s investment in its employees and technology.

The Job Role

Now, let’s think about the job role. How has it changed over time? Are there additional responsibilities? Fewer? Are there new or different skills required? Do the skills fit the needs of the position today and into the future, in line with corporate objectives? It’s important to be as detailed as possible but still realistic. If your job description lists too many hard-to-find skills you run the risk of eliminating candidates. List the essential skills and save the others for the interview process.

Next, let’s talk to co-workers who will interact with the employee. Most organizations already encourage interviews with other departments to ensure the future employee is a good fit. Why not ask for their input when writing the job description? Co-workers can provide valuable input on personalities and skills that will make it easier for the new employee and staff to work together. As an added bonus, they will appreciate being asked for their input!

Lastly, block off some time to write the job description or ask for help from someone in your organization. A poorly written job description won’t reflect well on your organization. It can also cost you qualified candidates. If you do write it on your own, it’s a good idea to get a second set of eyes for grammatical or spelling errors.

Happy interviewing!

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