Top IT Trends of 2021

Top IT Trends of 2021

Whether you’re seeking a new job or have your eye on a promotion it makes sense to broaden your skill set. Even a familiarity with emerging trends can differentiate your profile from another candidate and help you progress on your career path.

We asked our clients what trends they were seeing for 2021 and here’s what they said:

  • Chatbots – The rise in adoption of chatbot technology for businesses of all sizes is notable. An understanding of chatbot programs, logistics, and incorporation into the customer service and marketing  environment will be very beneficial to companies exploring chatbot value. If you’re building a program from scratch, you should be well-versed in UX/UI design and copywriting. You should also be comfortable with NLP tools like Python, Javascript, NodeJS and Ruby. Integration into existing company software is important for an improved customer service experience.
  • Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity has made tremendous advances in the past five years, necessitated by Cloud and SaaS developments. Combined with the increased sophistication of hackers, companies are being forced to make significant investments in cybersecurity to protect their brand reputation, data, and from paying out costly settlements. AI and Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics (UBA/UEBA), Breach Detection and Virtual Dispersive Networking are great additions to an IT professional’s cybersecurity toolbelt.
  • 5G – The latest wireless communication technology has been on the horizon for some time but 2021 will likely see a big jump in company adoption. 5G appears ready to supercharge business with promises of lower latency, greater stability, and faster movement of data. Companies are also interested in the potential for lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. Companies will need in-house experts to help with business cases and transitioning to a 5G environment.

Are you in the IT industry and searching for a new job? We’d like to hear about your expertise and help you continue your career.

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