Investing In You: February

Investing In You: February

While January may mark the first month of the year, it’s February where businesses really start humming and initiatives start to kick off. That means that long awaited hiring push is about to get the green light. 

February is also when many organizations distribute bonuses. Many employees have been hanging around just long enough to collect their bonus before turning in their resignation for their next opportunity.

If you’ve followed along with our previous Investing in You articles then you’ve already improved your position to land that next great opportunity. Now, it’s time to get your name out to the world. Here are two things you can do over the next 28 days:

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

More hiring managers are turning to LinkedIn to post job openings and to review candidates. Updating your profile, including current accomplishments, active certifications, relevant keywords and recommendations will help you stand out from the competition. However, to truly separate yourself from hundreds of applicants vying for the same position, you’ll need to do more. 

Hiring managers value leadership, communication and the ability to overcome challenges, in addition to skills. Fortunately, LinkedIn’s Featured section is an ideal host for your own “case studies” that highlight your accomplishments in these areas. Use an existing case study template available for free online, write your case study covering the background, challenges you faced and solution, then proof, format and upload. These case studies enhance your offering, can also serve as handouts during an interview, and create meaningful dialog!

Start Connecting!

Naturally, you’ll scour the job boards to find open opportunities even though it often yields a low percentage return. But with the increased movement of employees in and out of companies at this time of year it can be especially important to identify companies where you want to work and reach out to hiring managers through LinkedIn and email. 

Your connection efforts should also include a recruiter. Delphi-US is a national IT staffing specialist. Our vast network of companies and reputation for delivering qualified candidates has earned us a favorable reputation among hiring managers and human resources professionals. By connecting with us, you increase your chances of landing an interview. That’s because we package you. Your resume, personality, skills, certifications, relevant work history and more are all formatted to demonstrate your capabilities for the specific role to which you are applying. 


While the weather is less than ideal for most of the country, February can be a tremendous opportunity for job seekers who take the time to build out their professional brand on LinkedIn and align themselves with an industry staffing specialist. 

Looking for help? Your Delphi-US representative is available! Meet our team here!


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