Case Study – Staffing in the Technology Industry

How Delphi-US Helped a Leading Electronics Company with its Contract IT Staffing Needs

Business Problem
A national provider of electronics and computing services required additional talent to complete a new digital experience platform and other high-profile initiatives. The client lacked some essential in-house expertise and was engaged in upskilling for select employees. However, management felt the team needed to upgrade its staff more rapidly. Human Resources was struggling to identify qualified candidates due to the highly specialized technical roles, and IT Management was being pulled from the project to coordinate interviews and weed out unqualified applicants. External vendors lacked IT experience and were unable to provide qualified candidates.

A well-timed phone call from a Delphi-US Account Executive uncovered the company’s challenges. The company gave Delphi-US an opportunity to deliver. Using its existing database to identify available contractors, Delphi’s team was able to quickly identify and qualify candidates for the specific roles and the client’s culture, fast-tracking the hiring process for the client.

Delphi-US was able to rapidly identify available, qualified resources within its database, in conjunction with an external search for additional resources.

As a result of Delphi-US’s IT staffing services, the client was able to achieve its business goals.

Delphi-US continues to be a trusted partner for the client, providing it with high-quality IT staffing solutions that enable it to stay ahead of the competition and deliver innovative solutions to its customers.

“We are very impressed with Delphi-US’s ability to provide qualified technical talent for our projects. They have earned a reputation as a trusted partner of [client].”