Case Study – Municipal Project Overhaul

Empowering Municipal Efficiency: Government Agency Launches New Mileage Reporting System

Business Problem
An east coast municipality was struggling with budget and missing early deliverable dates for a large mileage reporting initiative. The organization reached out to its staffing partners in an open meeting, requesting an increase in IT personnel that could help get the timeline back on track – but with heavy additional expense.

After the meeting Delphi-US reached out with some follow up questions and during the conversation uncovered a larger issue with management of the project. Delphi-US identified and qualified several experienced project managers with prior government experience, and at the same time began qualifying a variety of other positions outlined on the initial call. This required a significant allocation of Delphi-US resources; however both the client and Delphi-US felt it offered the best method to get the project back on track, and potentially with less payroll expense over the long term.

The client hired one of the project managers and installed several additional contract staff members that had the requisite experience and important cultural fit necessary to get the project back on track.

Delphi-US continues to be a trusted partner for the client, providing it with high-quality IT staffing solutions that enable it to stay ahead of the competition and deliver innovative solutions to its customers.

“…we can’t say enough about Rich. His insight helped us identify the real crux of the issue and make a difficult but necessary change on our project team. It’s clear Delphi-US listens and acts in the best interest of the client.”